Talking Dog Collar
Talking Dog Collar

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Talking Dog Collar
Make your dog talk!

Talking Dog Collar

Make your dog FART & TALK -- Think I am kidding? Well I am NOT 
Ok,Ok,Ok.... so you are probably wondering what on earth is this? This amazing gadget device simply attaches to a dog's collar. Works right off of a wireless remote. When visitors walk in, your dog can now greet them instead of you~! The sound voices comes right out of the dog shaped bone! AMAZING! Now you can make all of your pups and dogs talk! 

Pretty cool huh? Remote has 6 buttons on it. Each button makes the dog say a different phrase. The voice of the person is absolutely hysterical! This does it all, even makes fart noises! Unit takes just 2 AAA batteries and Guess What?? We give you not 2 but 4 of them for free for each unit purchased! This is a SUPER great gift to give out to those dog lovers you know. 

So what will your dog say?

1- (Breaking wind) Oh I'm so embarrassed canned food always give me gas!
1- Hey. Does this coat make me look fat? 
1- I'm a lover, not a biter!
1- Of course my breath stinks. Look what I've been licking! 
1- Baby you're so sweet. If I bit you i'd get a cavity!
1- Gotta poop,gotta poop right now! (fart noises) Oh there it goes! 

Click the PLAY button to see the Talking Dog Collar

Guaranteed to get laughs !!!  Batteries included!

Talking Dog Collar is IN STOCK and shipped same day ordered!

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Our Price: $19.95



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